Little NBA Finals and Celtics Talk

In my last post I wrote about the Cavs having the tools to possibly come back and win the NBA Finals. I never stated it was going to happen, just threw out that possibility and how they could accomplish the task. That being said, the Warriors did win the NBA Finals last night. Most of us are probably not surprised by this outcome because of the Durant signing. Even if the Warriors never signed Durant, I would not have been surprised if they won the Finals. LeBron James is now 3-5 all time in the NBA Finals, and that should not tarnish his Hall Of Fame Career. The dude has been to 6 consecutive finals. The only other players to do that were Bill Russell and the rest of his Celtics team, which was over 50 years ago. LeBron also averaged more points, assists, and rebounds in the 5 finals games. Well enough about the Warriors and the Cavaliers, I really want to see what the Celtics do next.


If you do not know already, the C’s have the number one pick in the draft thanks to the awful Brooklyn Nets. Almost everyone is certain that Markelle Fultz out of Washington is going to be the first selection in this years draft, but I do not know about that. I honestly think that Faults is the third or maybe even fourth best player in this draft. Lonzo Ball, Jayson Tatum, and Josh Jackson are better overall players than Fultz. The Celtics have stated that they love Fultz, but you never know what Danny Ainge is thinking. Lonzo Ball refused to workout with the Celtics and Josh Jackson cancelled his workout with the Celtics yesterday. There is also a rumor that the Lakers have told Jackson that they will be selecting him as the number 2 pick. So as you can see, the Celtics can literally do anything with this number one pick. I think it would make morse sense to use it on a scoring SF which they really need instead of using the pick on a PG. If the Celtics do wish to trade the pick, then they should go after Paul George or maybe even Klay Thompson from the Warriors. I know that the Klay trade may sound stupid, but The Celtics are not going to take down the Warriors next year anyways. Lastly, to all of the other Celtics fans out there, just be patient. Even if Hayward does sign here this summer, the Celtics will have a lot to do in order to win a championship. It is going to take time for this team to actually build and get stronger.


Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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