Le’Veon Bell Hints at a Potential Landing Spot

Well, this isn’t great.

The Jets have long been the favorites to land Le’Veon since he was granted his free agency from the Steelers. Now with Bell showing signs of interest on his end, we have a potential marriage on our hands. And I’ll tell ya what folks, I’m not a fan of it. Not a fan at all.

Le’Veon Bell has made it well-known that he wants a big bag in free agency. It’s the reason why he’s no longer employed by the Steelers. This is the exact type of big splash the Jets need to make in order to become somewhat relevant again.

We know they’ll spend the money too, because Darnold desperately needs weapons if he’s going to be successful. What better weapon out of the backfield can you give your young franchise QB? Bell is a top-3 RB in the league, an instant game-changer for any team. I just know he’s going to end up in New York. I CAN’T WAIT (shit)!

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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