Let’s Get Zion to the Mecca

The New York Knicks have been a dumpster fire for as long as I’ve been watching sports. They made a big time move last week by acquiring Cam Reddish- one small step for their current roster, but a giant leap for the organization. Because now they have both of Zion’s best friends from college on their team, and there’s nothing better than hanging out with your boys from college.

The Boys Are (Almost) Back in Town

The Knicks may have cracked the code to finally acquiring a superstar. They figured out a brilliant way to get to Zion’s heart like no one else can. They have the best cards at the table: Zion’s BOYS! These guys were a highlight reel as 18-year-olds at Duke. If RJ didn’t shoot 20 times a game that team would’ve won a Natty. What’s hilarious to think about is how these guys are supposed to be seniors right now. They’d be dropping 150 points a night if they stayed all four years.

Props to the Knicks for playing the long game with Zion. I’m now convinced they only drafted RJ knowing that he was step one at baiting Zion to the Knicks one day. The Knicks are about to literally wine and dine Zion so hard in the summer of 2023. With the combination of 5 star restaurants and an unlimited budget, Zion might be 400 lbs at media day in his Knicks jersey.

Zion Could Break the NBA

Zion’s been withering away in New Orleans this season, milking injuries on purpose so he doesn’t have to play for the Pelicans. He now sees the light at the end of the tunnel: his escape from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Big Apple. The NBA would benefit enormously by having a guy like Zion in a market like NYC. House of Highlights might implode with excitement before our very eyes. But real talk, who wants to play for a team named the New Orleans Pelicans? Worst team name in sports? Maybe a blog for another time.

-Cam Duley (Twitter: cammy_coco_)


(Featured Images Credit to thebirdwrites.com, sbnation.com)

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