Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 77: Technology BACK AT IT AGAIN! Feat. Patriots Play by Play Announcer Bob Socci

It’s episode 77 of the Legends Lingo podcast. We have a lot of stuff going on. First as you can see, there’s a different logo in there. Shoutout to fellow CGS writer Diego Galvis for coming up with this one. We have another one or two we want to see how they look, so any feedback is appreciated. Okay, enough about that. On to the actual episode!

What Happened…Again

So the same thing happened to us this week as it did last week. It was myself, Powder, Lauren Campbell, and Bob Socci. We hit recorded and recorded for about 45-50 minutes. When we looked for the file to upload it, the file wasn’t there. Two times in a span of two weeks.

Not Great GIFs | Tenor

So luckily, I was around Friday afternoon and so was Bob Socci. We did a shorter, 35 minute episode for you the fans to enjoy.

Our Guest This Week

With us this week is Patriots play by play announcer Bob Socci. During the interview, we pretty much cover it all. We talk technology mishaps, Patriots past, Patriots present/future, and so much more! Bob is an awesome guest to have on any podcast. If you want to follow him on Twitter, it’s @BobSocci. You can also listen to him during the Pats season with Scott Zolak on 98.5 the Sports Hub.

Where Can You Find Us?

The usual spots. Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud are the top three places to find us. You can also literally go up to the podcasts tab and click on “Legends Lingo Podcast” for this and all of our past episodes since we’ve joined CGS.

Our Sponsor

As always, the Legends Lingo podcast is sponsored by Manscaped. Make sure to take care of yourself this summer and use the right tools for the job. Get 20% off AND free shipping with the promo code “LLP”. Other than that, enjoy episode 77 of the Legends Lingo podcast with Bob Socci. It’s a good time!

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