Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 116: Taylor Hall to the Bruins, Julian Edelman Retires and the Red Sox are on Fire!

Welcome to episode 116 of the Legends Lingo podcast. In this episode, we touch on a little bit of everything in the Boston sports community. Don’t believe me? Well, let the episode do the rest of the talking then!]

Topics Covered This Episode

There was a lot to unpack in this episode. But then again, when isn’t there a lot to unpack in the world of Boston sports?

We start off with the Bruins. Yes, the Bruins! It’s rare that we talk hockey on this podcast. But in this case, we decided to make an exception. The Bruins made a splash at the deadline and got Taylor Hall from the Buffalo Sabres. How will Hall fit into Boston? Is he here for the long-term? We discuss this and the other moves the Bruins made as well.

Then there’s the Patriots. Julian Edelman has officially announced his retirement and we’re all sad about it. We get into what Edelman meant to us as Patriots fans, what he meant to the Patriots team, and what the future of the Patriots looks like without Edelman in the fold. We also share our favorite Edelman moment of all-time.

Finally, the Red Sox! They are on an absolute tear right now! We get into why they’re playing so well, can they do anything better, and more. We’re riding the Red Sox high right now. Don’t take us off of it!

Where Can You Find Us?

The usual spots at this point. iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, the website, YouTube. Basically, just type “Legends Lingo” into google and we’re right there. Seriously, it’s very easy!


Legends Lingo podcast is presented by A&B Burgers. Go to the A&B Burgers located in Boston across from the TD Garden. Check out whatever game is on with any of their 70 inch tv’s! It’s be like you’re at the game without actually being at the game.

Otherwise, enjoy the latest episode of the Legends Lingo podcast.

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