Lebron James Misses Kyrie Irving So Much

Okay, let me start by saying I am completely over this whole Kyrie-Isaiah trade. We all know the story, Isaiah is super salty about getting traded from the Celtics. The Celtics are 35-14, leading the Eastern conference. But the more and more we hear, the Cavs are absolutely regretting the decision to actually move on from Kyrie.

It seems like the rumblings are becoming more and more clear out of Cleveland, with multiple stories are coming out about Lebron being upset with how they handled the Kyrie trade. We have heard that Lebron even said he didn’t want Kyrie to get traded, that he wanted to bring back the same group from last season. The most recent story that has surfaced, now Kyrie was threatening to sit out with a season ending knee injury if not traded by the Cavs. Cleveland.com reported this story, which I’m sorry I don’t know how true I believe this to be, just feels like it came from somebody upset in the Cavs management.

With all that being thrown around since the trade went down, nothing made me believe it more than hearing Lebron talk about his decision to draft Kyrie Irving in last nights All-Star team draft. He said something along the lines of, he drafted Kyrie because he was the best guard on the board and it was an “easy choice” for him. Even throwing around how he drafted Kevin Love as well so he could get the group back together for one more weekend, because they shared so many memories together. I could be reading way to much into this but to me, Lebron finally realized he messed up. After constantly referring to Kyrie Irving as “the kid”, he now realizes what he had. With Isaiah having a slow start returning from his injury, which isn’t unexpected after a major hip injury. But Lebron sees his deficiencies on the defensive end, and how ball dominate he can be.

The Lebron James and Isaiah Thomas experiment hasn’t gone as planned so far, since Isiash has returned from his hip injury. Seems to me that Lebron has seen Kyrie look like a MVP candidate on his own, and is finally realizing maybe he should have shown “the kid” just a little more respect, and maybe he would still be in Cleveland instead of leading the Celtics to the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio (donato05)

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