LeBron James is a Hypocrite

Last night, LeBron James did something that he has never done before.  No it’s not winning a championship or making an All-Star team, but instead it was getting rightfully destroyed on Twitter.

LeBron being the philanthropist and political savant he is talked about the turmoil that is happening in China.  If you live under a rock, Hong Kongers are fighting for freedom from the Chinese government and with a single tweet from Rockets GM Daryl Morey the NBA’s relationship with it’s second biggest market and advertiser suddenly collapsed.  We had the outspoken Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich both shy away from a political question for the first time in their careers, however LeBron did not.

LeBron just had to tell the world how good of a person he is and that he is Mr. All for Human Rights and that every country, person, animal deserves freedom right? Wrong.  Oh very very VERY wrong.

Instead LeBron said that Morey had no idea what he was talking about and then proceeded to sound like an idiot.  After this was released on Twitter, LeBron got absolutely washed on Twitter by regular people, journalists, and blue check mark know-it-alls.  And just when you couldn’t have made shit worse for yourself, LeBron then tweeted out about how hard of a week he had because of Morey’s tweet.

Oh hey LeBron I’m sorry you had a tough week buddy guy.  Sorry you had to fly home on a private first class jet just to return to your $20 million home in LA.  Sorry your week was so hard, because of all the hard work basketball players have to endure.  Fighting for freedom definitely isn’t as hard as your week, yea totally not.

I have never liked LeBron and I have always said that he does shit to make himself look good in the media.  But this one just takes the cake, frosts it, and puts the cherry on top.  LeBron James is supposed to be the “voice of the athletes” however if you ever speak out against him or in opposition then you are deemed “uneducated.”  I don’t really know how you can call someone who is a very successful general manager who is speaking out against communism “uneducated.”

Now I don’t know if LeBron was told to say this but I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say no.  Like how can you tell the face of your league who’s actually bigger than the league what to say.  You just can’t.  So with that being said, LeBron had full knowledge of what he was saying.  Then this tweet surfaced that LeBron tweeted a year ago:

To which I think Portnoy captioned correctly.

So wait, let me get this straight so I’m not confused.  LeBron James is for freedom, but also against it?  Or is he for free speech, but also thinks that people are “uneducated” when they say a statement that he doesn’t agree with?  I’m confused because those two tweets are two completely different ideas, beliefs, whatever you want.  They are different.  His video is basically saying that people need to think about the ramifications that free speech could have, yet he will fight against President Trump any day about free speech in America.  Which in case you didn’t know we do have free speech.

But when the issues are about a totally different country LeBron tells everyone to educate themselves and to not speak about the issue because free speech can have negative impacts that could affect all people… WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!  Yet your tweet from a year ago says that we all need to fight for injustices because that’s the right thing to do.

Simply LeBron is a huge hypocrite for what he did last night.  I mean we all knew he said this so his money doesn’t get screwed.  Clearly LeBron cares more about the Chinese money that comes in than freedom for all which is something you claim to fight for constantly.  You constantly prance around on your high horse and claim yourself as the moral high ground, but this time your support wasn’t there and you looked stupid.  I’m glad people ripped into him and called him out for being a hypocrite, it’s what he needed to hear and about time the people gave it to him.

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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