LeBron James Continues To Astonish With Another Totally Clueless Take

Is LeBron James the most clueless athlete on the planet?

His stupidity absolutely astonishes me at times.  And this is one of those times where I literally just sit here and wonder how can a guy who is one of the best basketball players of all-time be this dumb?

I mean, we all know that he skated through high school thanks to his immense talent on the court, but there’s no way he actually thinks the things that come out of his mouth make sense, does he?

LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers faced the new-look Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night, just over 24 hours after the team from the Motor City made an absolute blockbuster deal to acquire Blake Griffin from the L.A. Clippers.  Griffin was not with the Pistons for the contest, but a reporter apparently asked LeBron’s thoughts on the deal and the perceived lack of loyalty in the NBA.

And LeBron fired off this gem of a comment:

lebron james blake griffin

Is he really serious with this take?

No LeBron, not everyone who leaves their team in free agency is considered a snake.  Players leave all the time.  It happens.  Fans get upset but they get over it eventually.  There’s a difference between what you’ve done and what the majority of the other superstars in the NBA and in other leagues have done when they’ve switched teams.

People thought LeBron was (and still is) a snake because of the way he left Cleveland.  Organizing an hour-long program on ESPN with your own handpicked “journalist” lobbing you questions that were clearly pre-approved, and then having a celebration event in your new city where you proclaim that you’ll win “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six” titles with your new teammates makes you the ultimate snake.  No actually, snake is too nice of a term to describe the sheer jackass, assclown, douche moves that the King made when he went from Cleveland to Miami.

The only other player that has even come close to being as big of a jerk as LeBron was when they left was Kevin Durant.  KD couldn’t beat the Warriors so he decided to join them in free agency, which was a pretty soft move especially when the Thunder had enough pieces to be on the brink of defeating those Warriors in the playoffs.  KD also had a burner Twitter account which he used to defend himself on social media, and yet he is nowhere near as hated as LeBron still is to this day.

I guarantee that Utah Jazz fans were pretty upset when Gordon Hayward left and came to Boston, but I highly doubt that they would boo him every time he touched the basketball if he was healthy enough to play in Utah this season.  That was the reaction that LeBron received from Cavs fans every time he came into town with a Heat jersey on.  Even LeBron knew that he made a bad “Decision” in the way he left his hometown team, as he sent out a long apology to the city and their fans when he came back in free agency.

For a brief moment after that apology, the entire sports world was blinded into thinking maybe LeBron James had grown up.  Maybe the King had changed and realized the error of his ways.

But we all know that was a farce.  And his comments on Tuesday night prove that he’s nothing more than a great athlete but a clueless person.

That is, until he leaves Cleveland this offseason yet again.  Then he’ll be proven yet again that he isn’t loyal and the ultimate snake.  Can’t wait for his explanation when that happens.

Written by: Adam Belue (@albinomamba44)

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