LeBron is a Great Dad When the Cameras Are Rolling

One of the best things you’ve ever heard, SB Nation? You ever seen Miracle? Any Given Sunday? Both have better speeches and are better produced than this super unnecessary PR move. LeBron, everyone knows you’re a good guy, a family man. You don’t need to shove it in our faces every time you have a dad moment.

I don’t even know what the move was here with this being posted. Was it supposed to be like a leaked video of LeBron being a good father? If that’s the case then why is LeBron mic’d up for an 11 year old’s basketball game?

What channel broadcasts 11 year olds basketball games? None of them, because he was mic’d up solely to get a super corny inspirational moment with his son.

I think LeBron was honestly hoping for his son’s team to lose because it would have made for a better moment. If you watch the video, his son’s team won and his son is just upset that he didn’t play the best on the team. LeBron then uses his photographic memory to tell his son all the good plays he made and how he was the best. Not once did he mention the importance of the team getting the win over individual performance. LeBron is advocating for the padding of stats and the padding of stats alone for this kid.

This isn’t even the good son. This kid’s name is Bryce. In case you’re unfamiliar with him, it because his brother is LeBron James Jr. prodigal son. Why focus on Bryce in Basketball? He’s never gonna be the good one, why waste your time developing Seth Curry?

Make Bryce into like the business man or something and let young Bronny handle the dribbling and whatnot. That way both the kids can just take over his brand and we can get these kinds of horrible scripted Disney moments for generations to come.

-Riley Banks (@Rileybanks10)

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