Leave John Beilein Alone!

If you haven’t heard today, Cleveland Cavs head coach John Beilein stepped down today just after 56 games.

For starters, I am a big Beilein guy and I have always liked him and his coaching style.  When they hired him in the summer I was really happy.  I thought “wow this is a great coach who in 5 years could maybe turn this Cavs team around” and I still think he could have.  Unfortunately, the players hated him and I guess they hated hard work and trying to win basketball games.  I feel bad for Beilein too.  This is a guy who’s getting up there in age and took an absolute risk going to the NBA after a Hall-of-Fame college career.

From what I read the parting was mutual.  Beilein couldn’t get through to the players and the players just suck all around for not respecting a great basketball mind.  I went to the Celtics-Cavs game in January and you told tell he wanted to do so much for this team.  But he could only do so much.  Kevin Love has been a cancer the entire year based on reports and just watching him play that label seems correct for him.  It was also evident that Beilein missed coaching and teaching college students and he will 100% have that opportunity in April when college vacancies open (come holla if you need an assistant).

Beilein is a great coach who was dealt a shitty hand that didn’t respect his style.  That’s not his fault, that’s ownership and the search committee for not seeing if this would actually fit.  On the other hand, I think JB will do a fine job and good for him.  I think he is another great basketball mind who will have his time to show everyone that he is a good coach.  That is something Beilein never had to do.

I would love to see Beilein stay in the NBA but college is his game.  I think he might make his way over to the ACC.  Being from Boston, I would love to see him at BC.  Jim Christian has been here one too many years and Beilein has championship-level basketball all through his career.  It has also been YEARS since BC hoops was relevant and Beilein would be a great fit.

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