Law & Order SVU Y17

Law and Order SVU is probably the longest running crime drama series that I know of and have been watching for countless years. I recently caught up and watched the seventeenth year according to Netflix. This series is often exhilarating and gut wrenching with drama. In the 17th year it was just that. SVU often uses real life scenarios that come with the time in which it’s episode’s air. Episodes are concurrent with issues that come about on the news everyday. The producers find ways to reenact episodes in which a theme is present. It also keeps up with legal processes that are current, if there is a way in which law enforcement can’t conduct themselves it will be thrown in there as a wrinkle that Lt. Benson will address to her squad. If there is change in the way ADA Barba can conduct his way he does things from the state/prosecution side, the court scenes will demonstrate that. With that being said, it is still fake drama but a lot of the processes are still by the book.

There are many scenes and episodes in which blows my mind, for instance, the connection between Gregory Yates and the former medical examiner throughout the second half of the season. Who would have ever thought this guy would be a cross dressing,  serial killer and rapist?

Watch it to see how it goes down in Y17 on Law & Order SVU!

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-Nick Sutherland(@Sudsy8)

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