LaVar Ball Reportedly Working On Appearance With WWE Monday RAW… Because LaVar

This is one of the least surprising things I may have ever heard since LaVar Ball has landed on the scene. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, LaVar is slightly overheard in the background of a live stream during the NBA Draft talking about the potential appearance.

If it were to happen, apparently it is supposed to be going down tomorrow (Monday, the 26th) when the WWE brings its human circus act to LA. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, talks are going very well and it sounds like it is going to happen.

I mean come on, can you read this and be like, “God damn, no way LaVar is going to be on WWE”. Because of course he is. This news was more obvious than Bruce Jenner coming out. Didn’t expect the sex change but you can’t guess ’em all. Obviously I never thought about it up until this news broke, but once I heard it, it was kind of like one of those, well yeah that was inevitable, kind of moments.

I’m not going to lie. If you’ve ever seen my Twitter when the Ball brothers really started taking over the world of the internet, I HATED LaVar. Lonzo actually seems like a decent guy, but because of how much of a douche his father was, I was all in on praying for Lonzo, and the rest of the Ball brothers to fail. BUT after Lonzo’s recent appearance in that actually funny Foot Locker ad, and LaVar’s electric interviews at the draft, I’m kind of in on the Big Baller Brand.

We can all agree that LaVar SUCKS and is an A+ dink, but the fact that he has kept up being a psychopath for this long now, he’s kind of grown on me.

I’m not saying that I’m signing up for the Ball family fan club yet… But I’m saying that if this WWE event goes as I expect, which is fire, then I may become the treasurer for the club. Honest to God that he is the only reason that I am going to tune in to RAW tomorrow night.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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