Lavar Ball Decides To Coach In Lithuania

We have not heard much of Lavar Ball lately since him and his sons took their talents to Lithuania. However, yesterday Lavar Ball coached his sons team in the final game of what is called the “Big Baller Challenge”. Lavar created a tournament so his sons could both receive more minutes and perform better. Vytautas is 4-0 in the series, where they play against teams that are consisted of teenagers. These four wins do not count towards the teams actual standings.  Vytatutas is 4-16 and in last place in the Lithuanian League (the league the team actually plays in). This league features better teams with older players compared to the teams the Ball brothers were playing in the Big Baller Challenge.


I get it, Lavar Ball wanted to see his sons regain their confidence. If you have been paying attention to the team that the Ball brothers are playing on, then you know how bad they are. The brothers receive little playing time, and when they do get on the court they do not perform to well. Gelo Ball is averaging around 15 minutes per game while LaMelo is averaging 11. This makes me think, was this the right move for the Ball brothers? LaMelo would would not have came out of a game if he stayed at Chino Hills. He would have played some of the best high schoolers in California, and would be happier. Gelo could have taken a year off too develop his skills with a private trainer and I guarantee could have received an offer from a mid major division 1 school.  By the way Lavar Ball by some chance you read this, I bet you $1 million that Gelo will not be a Laker next year. 

I applaud Lavar Ball for trying his hardest, but this idea to move to Lithuania is backfiring at the moment. Unless the head coach of Vytuatas starts to give the brothers significant playing time, then the family is just wasting their time. Move back to LA and have the two brothers play in a division one college basketball system. 

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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