Lauren Meizo, A Woman Waiting For Her Second Heart Transplant Wishes To Meet Gronk; Gronk Delivers

Lauren Meizo, a strong, strong woman from Western Massachusetts who is currently waiting for a second heart transplant, reached out via social media in hopes that she could meet Rob Gronkowski.

She posted this video on March 25th, and my man Gronk like usual, came in clutch and came to visit the woman. He didn’t get to come see her and deliver the news that she is waiting for, but he came to visit her nonetheless.

Without really talking about Gronk for a second, oh my God I wish I could be as strong as Lauren. I’m one of those people who can get rattled by the smallest thing that is happening in my life and she’s sitting there looking as strong as anyone could while she waits for her SECOND heart transplant. Oh, and like she said in the video, she’s waiting on a kidney too. I will forever live in gratitude to people like Lauren simply because they take the hand that they’ve been dealt, and they march on and fight.

But today was the day that Gronk came to see Lauren and by the looks of it, it was everything that Lauren could have imagined it would be.

Gronk spent about 45 minutes with Lauren and she says that Gronk and her brother are both very sweet.

Lauren has been in the hospital for 85 straight days. This is the kind of power that sports and athletes wield that so many people overlook. I hear if from people who don’t like sports all the time. Why do we look at these people like they’re better than you and me? Well we don’t. But it’s fine that we get excited to see and meet them because for a lot of people, what they do on the field brings joy. It especially brings joy to those who love sports, but are also going through something in their lives that you or I could never comprehend. And Gronk making Lauren’s day is something that makes sports special.

Behind the helmet and the shoulder pads, ever since Gronk has stepped into the NFL he has been such an incredible guy in situations like these. And if anyone deserved to meet a great human being, it’s Lauren Meizo.

We hope everything goes well, Lauren.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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