Lance Stephenson Joining LeBron in LA is Magical

Is it Christmas morning?

For years, Lance Stephenson has been a pest to LeBron James. The one man who got under LeBron’s skin time and time again. Those Pacers vs. Heat battles were always something special to watch. For me, there might not be a funnier NBA moment than when Lance physically blew in LeBron’s ear during a playoff game:

Now, Lance and LeBron are teaming up in LA. The irony of this move is pure comedy. Outside of that irony, this is going to be an interesting basketball move. It doesn’t move the needle all that much for the Lakers, but I still really like it. Just imagine a Lakers vs. Warriors playoff series now? Thinking about the possibility of Lance all over Durant and Curry has me laughing already.

Oh yeah, and the Lakers signed JaVale McGee last night too. Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee, LeBron James. Maybe LeBron is trying to prove that he really CAN carry any group of bums to the Finals? We’ll have to wait and see, all I hope is that Nick Young is next on his list.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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