Kyrie Is Staying In Cleveland

Kyrie Irving is NOT going anywhere this offseason. Why the hell would the Cavaliers ship away one of the best young players in the NBA?  If the Cavaliers keep Kyrie then they have another great chance at reaching the Finals. The Cavaliers front office is not dumb enough to pass up a trip to the Finals. The Cavaliers do have to worry about the Celtics, but I do not think they are that concerned. Having the best player in the world along with one of the best pg’s in the league sets their confidence pretty sky high. As a Celtics fan I want to see Kyrie stay on the Cavaliers! I do not want the Celtics to have an easy road to the Finals.

I want to see the C’s battle it out this season and into the postseason. A rematch between the Cavaliers and Celtics in the conference finals would be juicy. An improved Celtics roster vs The best player in the world that has gone to 8 straight NBA Finals. Get ready basketball fans, because you know this matchup is going to happen.  I guess there is some beef between Irving and LeBron, but the Cavaliers need to get these two together. Lock them in a room and have them settle their differences. After that the two just need to play basketball. They need to stop acting like little brats and starting practicing together.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

One thought on “Kyrie Is Staying In Cleveland

  • August 4, 2017 at 4:10 am

    BOO Conner you’re no fun!!


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