Kyrie Irving Was PISSED After The Celtics Loss To The Rockets Last Night

Another game, another loss for the struggling Boston Celtics.

The Celtics played well in the second half of yesterday’s game. Unfortunately, they still lost to the Houston Rockets 115-104, losing five of their last six games. But as usual the talk of the night belonged to Celtics star point guard Kyrie Irving.

His Press Conference Was Very Short

Kyrie Irving’s press conference after the game was extremely short. I mean, look at how short those answers were. Also, one of the questions was answered with just a nod of the head from Irving. “What can you do to turn this thing around as a leader?” “Just gotta play better”. I mean, C’MON Kyrie! I get you’re mad, but just answer the questions with some detail and then you can get out of the arena as fast as you want. Irving is obviously very angry if he is giving this short of responses to reporter’s questions.

Kyrie’s Comment After the Game

So this was interesting. A lot of fans, including myself, thought this was in regards to his impending free agency this upcoming summer. But, this next video will be a sigh of relief for Celtics fans.

“When I am done playing” is the key phrase in that sentence. Irving is probably sick of all of the negativity and questioning of his leadership and honestly, I don’t blame him. Day after day, getting the same questions can be very tiring. Barstool’s video even had me thinking for the first time all year that maybe Kyrie is really leaving after this season. But, this video makes me feel a little bit better (for now) about Kyrie’s status as a Celtic.

In Conclusion

Kyrie was pissed and he rightfully should be. The Celtics could have won yesterday, but they let bad second and third quarters get to them once again. Now, they have to travel to Golden State and Sacramento for games Tuesday and Wednesday. If the Celtics don’t get this figured out, Kyrie will probably be having more days of frustration later on this week.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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