Kyrie Irving Should Not Leave Boston Next Summer

So Celtics fans were given quite the treat when Kyrie Irving announced that he planned to sign long-term with the Celtics this upcoming summer.

But, have things changed all of a sudden?

So Kyrie is basically going back on his word all of a sudden? That sounds a little bit suspect to me!

The Knicks Want Kyrie Irving BADLY!

One team that has been hot on the Kyrie Irving free agency trail is the New York Knicks. The Knicks made a huge trade yesterday by trading away star forward Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks.

This move shouldn’t come as much of a surprise after Kristaps questioned the future of the organization.

Ultimately, that led to his trade later on in the day. The Knicks now have enough room for two max contracts next summer. But you know what…I DO NOT CARE IN THE SLIGHTEST!!

The Celtics Will Have Kyrie Next Season and Beyond…RELAX!

Kyrie Irving will end up back with the Celtics next season and in the long term. Think about it logically. The Celtics can pay Kyrie the max in the off-season. They have the most trade pieces between young players and picks to top any deal that any other team can offer. Sure, the Knicks have the money, but how is their front office and coaching staff look? Yeah, give me Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge EVERY time.

The Knicks Have Too Many Young Players

The Knicks do have a good core of young players with the likes of Kevin Knox and now Dennis Smith Jr. in the fold. But, why would Kyrie Irving want to go to a franchise that has several questions about their future in the front office and in the coaching staff? It just does not make any sense to me or Dan Greenberg.

Greenie and I are on the exact same page. Kyrie has a much better cast and whole organization around him in Boston as opposed to New York. Kyrie is in the prime of his career and he probably does not want to go back to a rebuilding situation like he endured in Cleveland before LeBron came back.

Do You Still Don’t Believe He’s Staying?

Well, here’s a tweet from Jay King to silence the critics for the time being.

Bottom line, Kyrie would be foolish to leave Boston with everything around him at his fingertips. Plus, if they pull the trigger on Anthony Davis and can keep Jayson Tatum in the fold too…expect a title or two within the next few seasons with the Celtics.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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