Kyrie Irving Is Turning Into LeBron And I’m Not Here For It

Look, a lot of people are saying that this is a mature move by Kyrie to be able to apologize to LeBron after their obvious beef in the past. Kyrie called LeBron to tell him he never understood how hard it was to be the leader of a young team. That’s fine, repair your relationship with the most powerful guy in basketball, sure. He just HAD to bring it to the media, though. If he left it as just a private phone call then it’s absolutely a mature and respectable move, but now it just seems like he’s shitting on the young guys again. Honestly, he’s really just starting to sound like LeBron himself:

Who does that sound like to you? Pat me on the back, look how much of a grown up move this was by me. Sound familiar? He’s not apologizing to LeBron, he’s becoming LeBron and I’m not here for it.

This is such a bitch move it’s crazy. I don’t care if it shows maturity ’cause it surely doesn’t show even a sliver of leadership. It’s the second time this week Kyrie has went to the media to complain about the young guys on the Celtics. A move LeBron pulled constantly in Cleveland which young Kyrie hated. LeBron shit on the young guys and that led to Kyrie getting traded. What does Kyrie think the outcome of this is gonna be?

The timing of it just makes it a weirder move because he said this last night after a 117-108 win at home over the Raptors, maybe the best team in basketball right now. Seems like a great time to say something like “hey we played well after not playing well for a few games, good for us”. But instead opted for the verbal subtweet of the Celtics young guys.

And who are the young guys exactly? He’s being real vague about who he really wants to shit on so instead he’s essentially calling out the whole team. The Celtics have nine guys under 25 years old, be more specific.

What bothers me most about this is the fact that Kyrie doesn’t seem to realize how well these young guys he’s shitting on played without him in the playoffs last year. Sure he won a single championship with LeBron in Cleveland, but he really doesn’t have a lot of ground to stand on when telling the Celtics they don’t know how to be winners. He’s not a leader, and he’s never going to be if he keeps going about team issues this way.

Riley Banks (@Rileybanks10)

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