Kyrie Irving Is The Superstar We Needed

The Celtics have played 32 games this season, and one thing is for certain. Kyrie Irving can absolutely be the best player on a championship team. When the trade first went down, there was talk that Kyrie was only as good as he is because of Lebron James. People pointed to his record without Lebron, his shooting struggles when Lebron wasn’t in the lineup. There were many people, even in Boston who were iffy about the trade and just didn’t know if the price would be worth it.

Kyrie Irving has been everything we could have wished for. The Celtics are now 25-7, and sit atop the eastern conference. Kyrie is averaging a little over 24 points a game now, and clearly doesn’t need Lebron to succeed. I know I never know actually how impressive he was going to the rim until I got to watch him play ever night, he has to be the best bad shot taker in the world. It’s just so impressive to see a guard, be able to get his shot up almost whenever he wants no matter what the defense is doing.

All that being said, I think it will be tough for them to challenge the Cavs in the eastern conference without Gordon this season. Kyrie has proven he can be the best player on the best team. When the Celtics have all their horses, they have the superstar that they needed. Kyrie is only 25 years old, and hopefully he is here leading us to a whole bunch of finals appearances and maybe even some championships along the way.

Written by: Danny Dipietrantonio (@donato05)

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