Kyle Trask is the man for Florida

We are about halfway through the college football season, and it has been nothing less than awesome.  There have been obvious things like Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia being really good.  LSU, Ohio State, ND, and Oklahoma were going to continue being strong teams.  But then there’s one surprise team.  No it’s not Wisconsin, who has been awesome this year too, but instead I’m talking about the Florida Gators.

Florida opened the season at 8, and then after that horrible opening day game against Miami they fell to 11.  Then a couple of weeks later, Florida’s QB Felipe Franks went down with a bad knee injury against Kentucky.  Kyle Trask, remember that name.  Trask from what I’ve heard hasn’t started since his freshman year of high school, yet he’s on a power 5 D1 football team.

Anyway, after Franks went down people started to write Florida off.  Rightfully so.  Their QB1 went down, and now they are stuck with a kid who hasn’t started since 9th grade.  But boy were we wrong.  Kyle Trask is a legit player and his Gators are currently ranked 7.  He also has two huge wins so far against Kentucky and Auburn.

Trask and the Gators will be tasked with what is the hardest schedule remaining in college football.  This Saturday they take on LSU at their place, and then home against Georgia in November.  Look, if Florida can beat LSU then we might be in for a possible 3-4 match-up in Athens at the end of the year.  I don’t think they can beat LSU or Georgia, but boy would I love to watch Kyle Trask, who’s a really good QB, play in the college football playoffs.

I think Florida is going to lose both of those games, but if they were to win any I think its home against Georgia considering how much problems ND gave Georgia.  If Florida ends the season 11-2, after losing Franks then this will be one of the better seasons Florida has had since the Tebow and Urban Meyer days.

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