Keep Your Eyes on This Sneaky Good Round of 64 Game-

Hallelujah! March Madness is finally here!

The round of 64 may quietly be my favorite two days in sports all year. You skip work or school, and just post up in front of a TV all day. You got multiple games going at all time. It’s sports Heaven. It’s the reason why places like Buffalo Wild Wings exists.

When the field was announced one game in particular caught my eye. No it isn’t the big name schools. No, I’m talking Murray State vs. Marquette.

Before you go rolling your eyes, hear me out. I’m not necessarily interested in Murray State vs. Marquette per say, I can’t wait to see the battle between Ja Morant and Markus Howard. These are two of the most electric guards in CBB.

Ja Morant is DEFINETELY a name to get to know. He’s going to be a top-5 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. This season he’s averaging 24.6ppg along with 10 assists. He’s thrown down his share of highlight reel, poster dunks as well. Morant also willed his team to a 27-4 record on the year.

Markus Howard was the leading scorer in CBB for nearly the entire season. The 5’11” Junior guard averaged 25ppg. What makes him special is his ability to explode on any given night. He had 10 games this season of 30 or more points. The Golden Eagles finished the season 24-9.

Keep your eyes on this one folks. A huge part of March is hero ball, one guy willing your team to victory. And boy-oh-boy, both these teams got their workhorses to hitch their wagons to.

-Dillon Leary


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