Kawhi Leonard Wants Out of San Antonio

It is absolutely wild what is happening with the San Antonio Spurs right now. A team that usually tends to keep things under wraps, is suddenly in media drama. Apparently Kawhi Leonard is unhappy with the Spurs organization and wants out. Leonard is tired of the Spurs not getting any big name talent over the last couple of years.

To be honest, I can’t really blame Kawhi Leonard. Ginobili, Parker, and even Aldridge are getting older.  Kawhi can see this and he does not want to be stuck on a team where he has no help in a league full of “super teams”. However, Leonard is under contract until 2020, so the Spurs can keep him and offer Leonard a max contract in 2020, trade him right now, or somehow land a big free agent this Summer. 

A few teams are looking to trade for Leonard. The Cavaliers, Heat, Knicks, Lakers, and Celtics are all willing to talk about a deal. It would be insane if the Celtics and Spurs can agree to a deal. This would most likely mean that the Celtics would part ways with Tatum/Brown, Baynes plus the Lakers & Memphis first round draft picks. I would hope that the Celtics would office this trade and the Spurs would have a hard time declining it. Plus I think Leonard would sign back with a fully loaded Celtics team in 2020.

The other option the Spurs have is to go out and find a big named player during the off season.  It just so happens LeBron James has a player option this summer. Would he team up with Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio? It is possible, but the possibilities are really endless for LeBron. He could go to the Lakers, Rockets, Spurs, ect. He is the best player in the world and any team would absolutely love to have him.

The NBA is suddenly becoming exciting and I am loving every second of it. Leonard wants out of SA, Kevin Love is hated by his teammates, there are fights going on in locker rooms, and the Hornets want to explode their team. I would not be surprised if  a few big trades happen in the upcoming weeks. Also, let me know what you think the Spurs should do.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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