Justin Verlander Missing The World Series Parade To Get Married Is Asinine

It’s being said that ALCS MVP, and now World Series champ, Justin Verlander, will be missing the championship parade in Houston Texas this weekend because he will be in Italy getting married to his fiance, Kate Upton.

It is unfathomable to me that somebody would be able to miss their first, and maybe only championship parade because you scheduled your wedding, IN ITALY, the weekend after the World Series.

First of all, awful awful awful planning. Are we serious? Why would a guy schedule a wedding right around the MLB playoffs when you are a major league ball player? I genuinely don’t even know if I would schedule my wedding then if the Red Sox had a shot at going to the World Series. All about those preseason predictions.

This has to be the work of Kate Upton. It’s bananas how much control this woman has had over Verlander since this relationship began.

And don’t get me wrong. If I’m in a relationship with Kate Upton I’m probably doing anything and everything she asks me too. She’s Kate Upton. One of the most famous models in the God damn world. Do you know how many models there are? MILLIONS. And she’s near the top of the list. Insane.

But we’ve all seen Verlander’s nuts in a jar since day one with this chica. The guy proposed to her about 20 times and she said no about 19 times. Those aren’t exact numbers, but I want to say they’re pretty accurate

It was such a funny storyline though and I’m glad Kate Upton was able to supply that to us. Like, I’m not kidding. Look it up. Verlander proposed to her a bunch and she kept saying no. Unfathomable that he was able to keep going after getting shut down so many times. She strikes me as the kind who would make him buy a new ring every time she denied him too. Kind of like wearing the same clothes to an A-list party. You can’t propose with the same ring and expect a different result. New ring you schlub.

But seriously Verlander? This is why you get rocked in Boston. You STINK. I’m actually rattled that you can nut up like this and miss the World Series parade. That’s the dream. To go rolling through a city waving to the crowd who you helped bring a championship to. And this guy is a hero there! He was incredible during this playoff run!

But nah. From what it sounds like, he’s missing it to get married. Lame. If they get divorced one day he’s going to be shook that he dipped out on the parade.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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