Just One Thing Is Stopping Stidham From Being The Next Tom Brady

There is only one thing stopping Jarrett Stidham from being the next Tom Brady, and it’s not what you’d think.

The Ax of East Lansing

Unless you think its the North Olmstead Ohio legend himself, Brian Hoyer.

Brian Axel Hoyer knows the Patriots offense better than maybe any player in the NFL besides Brady and Julian Edelman.

He has spent years cultivating a relationship with the coaching staff, knows and is trusted by other players, and is a steady hand on offense.

Brian Hoyer will be he starting quarterback of the New England Patriots next season.

An Offense Made for Hoyer

The Patriots have not loaded up at receiver to provide weapons for Stidham.

They maintained the offensive line, sign tight ends, and invest in a running back last year. They’re creating a new offensive identity.

Therefore the Patriots will be built around defense and running the football next season.

Games will be won ugly by minimizing mistakes. Hoyer is the better QB for that than the rookie Stidham.

Bill and the coaching staff believes in Stidham, they did not draft a new QB and stayed pat in free agency.

The Pats stayed put because Hoyer is a fine QB for the offensive game plan they will roll out next season.

Get used to this! The quarterback for the New England Patriots next season will be Brian Hoyer.

Stidham Will Arrive Eventually

Eventually, probably even later this season, Stidham will get the reigns.

Candidly, Hoyer is kind of old and kind of  bad.

Stidham will need reps to grow. He will make mistakes and use them to get better.

However, the Patriots still believe they can contend. That is why Hoyer makes sense to start with to begin the season at least.

But who knows, maybe Hoyer in a good system is actually solid. Maybe he plays out the season.

Time will tell just how big of an obstacle Hoyer will be for Stidham to overcome to be the next Tom Brady.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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