Julian Edelman Tweets Letter From Past Teacher About Reaching Your Goals

Gotta love Julian Edelman. From the red carpet to the football field, the guy is one of the biggest hardos of all-time. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I mean the guy slings supermodel girlfriends, tells one of the top Victoria’s Secret models in the world to go pound sand after she said she wanted to have babies with him, wins Super Bowls with all-time catches, and is almost every girl’s crush.

So earlier this morning Edelman posted a picture of a letter, or printed email, to his Instagram that his past teacher sent to him.

You can read the letter, but the whole thing is basically saying, “Sorry I was wrong to ever doubt you Julian. Now that you’re a millionaire I have felt awful about telling you and the class to set realistic goals for your life”.

Cool, thanks teach. Honestly what is the teacher apologizing for. It’s cool, I guess? But like, was the teacher wrong? Absolutely not. The teacher is telling Edelman and the class to set realistic goals because hey… Most people don’t reach the NFL who would love to play a game for a living.

The letter is cool. I don’t mind the letter. But why apologize? That’s the part that gets me. Why say sorry for trying to tell a kid that he probably won’t be making it in one of the most difficult job fields in the world… being a professional athlete.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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