Jorge Masvidal Puts The Welterweight Division on Notice After His Spectacular Knockout at UFC London

It seems like Jorge Masvidal has been fighting forever. A lot of die hard MMA fans remember watching his back yard street fights where he beat Kimbo Slice’s protégé Ray.

Masvidal also has a fight in Bellator under his belt and he also fought in Strikeforce before signing with the UFC.

Masvidal started fighting at lightweight, but really found his footing in the UFC when he knocked out Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at welterweight. He went on to lose his next two fights, one by split decision against Damian Maia, and one via unanimous decision against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

If you look at Masvidal’s record he’s 33-13 in his pro MMA career. 10 of those loses are via decision, and out of those 10 5 of them are split decisions. Masvidal has been submitted twice but that was early in his career.

He’s only been TKO’d once and it was a very questionable stoppage. The last time we saw Masvidal inside an octagon was at UFC 217 all the way back in 2017. With so much talent in the welterweight division many fans forgot how good Masvidal actually was. That was until he gave us a reminder this past Saturday.

Masvidal was matched up against one of the brightest young stars in the UFC in Darren Till. The fight took place in London so the crowd heavily favored Till.

Till looked phenomenal in the first round dropping Masvidal with the first left hand he threw. Masvidal is a veteran of the sport and has seen it all and has been through it all, so he had no problem showing off his toughness and making it to round two.

Round two started and you could tell Masvidal was more confident this round. He hit Till with some heavy shots and even took him down at one point. Midway in the second round Masvidal hit till with a nuclear bomb of a left hand that knocked Till out cold.

After the fight Masvidal was gracious in his victory and told the London crowd to show love and support to Darren Till. Masvidal also called for a title fight after his spectacular win over Till.

Jorge Masvidal’s post fight interview (Coach Guy Sports owns no rights to this video is courtesy of UFC and ESPN)

After the fight Masvidal was doing an interview backstage, when fellow welterweight Leon Edwards walked by and said something to Masvidal.

Masvidal approached Edwards with his hand behind his back and once Edwards put his hands up Masvidal hit him with 3 punches that all landed flush. Security pulled Masvidal away, but Edwards was bloodied up from the punches of Masvidal.

Edwards said even before the fight he wanted the winner of Till vs Masvidal, and was even talking trash before hand. Masvidal isn’t a guy like Colby Covington or Chael Sonnen, if you talk trash to Masvidal he is going to retaliate.

That’s the reason why many fans took his side on the backstage altercation. Even with the altercation taking place it takes nothing away from Masvidal’s impressive performance, and I think I speak for many UFC fans when I say it’s time to give Masvidal a title shot.

Photo from the post fight altercation between Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards

-Stephen Caloggero (@Stevo_Calo)

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