Jon Heyman Says Xander Bogaerts has 20% Chance of Being Traded, J.D. Martinez 25%

It’s almost trade deadline time for the MLB. The official deadline is August 31st and we pretty much know what the Red Sox are doing. They’re sellers. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it at this point. We’ve already seen it begin with Brandon Workman and Heath Hembree gone to the Phillies. At this point, we don’t know whose staying and whose going. Two names that came up the other day were Xander Bogaerts and JD Martinez. They came up from the mouth of Jon Heyman on “The Big Time Baseball Podcast” with Tony Gwynn Jr. Heyman had some interesting percentages on those two Red Sox players being traded by the deadline.

Xander Bogaerts

Xander Bogaerts was said to have a 20% chance of being traded. My question is: why isn’t in 0%? Seriously, Bogaerts shouldn’t even be in conversations. He’s the future captain of this team. The man is locked up until 2027 anyways on a pretty friendly deal of 20 million a year. So why are we even entertaining the thought? I don’t know why Heyman put Bogaerts even that high. Keep X in a Red Sox uniform as long as you can!

J.D. Martinez

J.D. Martinez at 25% is interesting. He’ll earn just about 20 million a year from the Red Sox should he choose to opt back into his last two seasons. However, if the universal DH is a thing, then J.D. has a lot more suitors. If that’s the case, it depends on what direction Chaim Bloom wants to go in. If he thinks the Red Sox can win as soon as next season, why not keep your All-star cleanup hitter? If he’s thinking more long term, then the 33 year old Martinez should go and replenish the farm system. Personally, I want JD to stay and think he should because this team is a few moves away from being right back in contention for the American League.

In Conclusion

Interesting numbers here from Heyman. I can’t see either of these two getting traded. MAYBE Martinez if I have to pick one. But crazier things have happened. It’s going to be a heck of a week, so stay tuned.

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