John Buccigross Was Named In The ESPN Harassment Complaints And Honestly, These Texts Seem Consensual

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Here’s the first page of the text messages that were released by ESPN themselves following the Boston Globe’s story where former employee, Adrienne Lawrence, has filed some harassment claims against some prominent ESPN personalities. You can check out the rest of the conversation by following this link.

Now before we get going, obviously there could be much more to the story than ESPN is allowing us to know.

BUT based off of this four page text conversation, it appears that his accuser seemed pretty okay with this conversation. There was no part in it where she asked Buccigross to stop. She actually kept the conversation going and didn’t even hint at wanting it to end. Hell there were even texts where he didn’t answer.

Even during the piece where he talks about taking a picture of himself making pancakes shirtless… strange tactic but alright… she says you need to keep your clothes on… And then asks if he’s home that weekend and they start talking about plans to hang out.

It seemed like a mostly friendly conversation that both parties showed interest in.

And don’t get me wrong. For the most part during this insane sexual harassment accusation spree, I’ve believed the women. I trust people too much. For whatever reason I’ve always believed the victims because hell, why would someone lie about that? But who knows if Lawrence even thinks that she’s lying, or if she thinks that these texts are inappropriate.

I’m sure there are women who have been accusing these men who are just looking for a pay day. People loveeeeee their money and the fact that Twitter makes it seem like the accuser is always believed, I guarantee that some of these women are shooting their shot which is awful. And I’ll be honest, if a woman screams faux sexual assault, she should get slapped with a fine. Because you’re trying to end a guy’s career who did nothing to you just to get a pay day? Are you serious? Heinous.

I believe most of these women. Matt Lauer, scum bag. Harvey Weinstein, appalling human being. But I got to imagine that some of these women are pouncing on an opportunity to get a pay day.

In Lawrence vs Buccigross, who knows. As of right now all we have is these text messages that do show the conversation that Lawrence has referred to. And she just seems okay with the conversation. She was inviting it. She wanted to make plans. What? Is Buccigross the creep for talking to a woman who was showing interest?

He wasn’t aggressive at all. He actually was nice about it.

If this is all of the information we have, than Buccigross looks pretty clear right now.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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