Joe Kelly Is The F*cking Man!

 Joe Kelly for MVP

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen that the Red Sox and Yankees had a uhhhh “friendly get together” at Fenway Park last night.  During the 10-7 Red Sox loss last night, Yankees DH Tyler Austin slid into 2nd base last night studs up trying to break up a double play.  His cleat caught Brock Holt in the right calf which Holt took acceptation to.  Benches briefly cleared as the teams had a brief gathering on the field.


The Rivalry Needed This

Make of it what you will.  Was the slide dirty, yeah probably.  The new rule in baseball is that you cannot break up a double play like that.  Was he intending to hurt Brock Holt?  Probably not.  Did Brock Holt react the right way.  Yeah.  The slide wasn’t egregious, there was no intent to seriously injure Holt.  However; you still don’t slide studs up EVER.  Also, Austin’s leg wasn’t directly going to the bag, it was out to his left so he clearly was trying to at least break up or disrupt Brock Holt.  Are Red Sox fans overreacting?  Maybe but this “rivalry” needed this.  It needs hate.  It needed a good brawl.  This rivalry has been so dormant over the past few years it’s been boring.  Even after the 14-1 ass kicking last night many thought that this rivalry was where it was the past few years.  Dead.

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Why Joe Kelly Is The F*cking Man

He threw at Tyler Austin not once, but twice.  But the “ball got away from him.”

We all know that he was.  But here is why he’s the man.  He legit said “Come on” to Tyler Austin and starting walking towards him.

I don’t care who you are, if you say “come on” to someone and then walk up to them not backing away from a fight.  I respect the hell out of you.  This is exactly what this rivalry needed.  Unfortunately the Red Sox lost the game and look to take the rubber match tonight with Porcello on the mound.  But don’t expect the fireworks to continue tonight.  Then again, we didn’t think the Red Sox vs. Orioles drama was going to last.  However; Sonny Gray and Rick Porcello aren’t guys that are going to throw at you.  I just hope this rivalry is worth something at the end of the season when these two end with the three game series.

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