Jimmy Garoppolo Literally Modeled Everything About Himself After Tom Brady And It’s Wild To Watch

I mean, we all saw it during his time here in New England, but my God Jimmy G literally modeled every aspect of his sideline presence and in-game presence based on Tom Brady.

I understand that the guy sat behind him for years and his job was to learn his every move, but man how did he nail it this perfectly? And let’s be honest, if there’s any guy in the league that you want to model yourself after it’s Tommy boy. But regardless if this was a test the guy scored a perfect 100.

This video gets me jacked up. I feel like we all love Jimmy if you’re a New England fan. I was thinking about this today. Jimmy’s like New England’s kid. We love him. We want to see him succeed. Sure, it sucks to see him spread his wings and not need us anymore but we’ll always love him and maybe even shed a tear when he wins the Super Bowl next season.

I… I think I love this man.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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