Jim & Pam From The Office Might Be Getting A Divorce After the Stanley Cup Finals

We officially have the Stanley Cup Finals set and it will be the Boston Bruins vs the St. Louis Blues. The Bruins have been waiting around trying to figure out who they should be preparing for after ending a hockey franchise in Carolina. It was barely allowed to be shown on television it was such a bloodbath. But not only do we have the Bruins vs the Blues. We also have what will be a test of a marriage. Jim and Pam Halpert from The Office.

John Krasinski, a known Boston sports fan, is riding the Bruins train. He’s from Newton, Massachusetts and has watched the Red Sox and Patriots take home championships this year. And like the rest of us, he wants a third title because who cares about everyone else. And then there’s Jenna Fischer, who I just found out today is from St. Louis. And you better believe when this was pointed out on the internet, Twitter went bananas.

The Office was a phenomenal show. And knowing John Krasinski is a die-hard Boston sports fan made watching him root for Philly through the entire series rough. But whatever, because now it’s Pam vs Jim and you better believe this is going to lead to the split in their marriage that a lot of people wouldn’t have minded seeing.

I’ve always been on the fence about that relationship. I was a big Jim guy and I kind of felt like Pam was holding him back. Nothing against Pam, but she kind of sucked sometimes.

I mean, Pete Blackburn’s right, here. You’re telling me these two are still together? Not a chance. Jim and Pam were great when that relationship first started. But Jim was going off and doing his own thing while Pam was flirting it up with the married sound guy.

But no it was cool to see this kind of pop off because I’m a big Office guy when it comes to social media. People are sick of them, but I’m all about the memes that poured out of that show. And I mean, maybe this Stanley Cup Finals run is what drives that final wedge between Jim and Pam? Maybe Jim will go back and find Karen and try to rekindle that flame. I thought that relationship ruled. Get that back together.

The Office still has its grips on social media and it might be the one thing 95% of Americans can agree on and have in common.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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