Jaylen’s rise

Are you still in shock about the mega-blockbuster James Harden to trade The Nets that rock not only the sports world but put the vote of the impeachment of Trump on the back burner for about an hour? The first couple of Wednesdays of 2021 have been so historic and where you were. Yesterday’s events will be made into a 30 for 30 in 10-15 years guarantee it.

There are some definite winners of this trade, feel like everyone in this trade won but other players lucked out also. For starters, Ben Simmons’ stressing levels will probably go way down after being trade rumors for months. But another winner and maybe the biggest winner of all is Jaylen Brown.

Let me explain why: Since the day Jayson Tatum was drafted these two have been linked either as the duo of the future or as key trade pieces to acquire a bonafide top 7  player in the NBA. Especially Jaylen Brown. I would guarantee about 98% percent of Celtics fans would include any deal to acquire a top 7 player to play with Tatum. It’s the truth Celtics fans don’t lie. But yesterday probably closed that door on Jaylen Brown being traded for a top 7 player. The reason why Jaylen Brown took another leap is game. We all saw the leap in his game last year before covid and during the bubble and definitely would say perennial all-star and a future all NBA defensive team member one day. But the leap he has taken at the start of this season has begun a discussion about an NBA team and maybe more. 

If Jaylen’s ceiling was just what happened in the bubble and given how Tatum has ascended to a lot of people’s top 10. They would have gone after James Harden and he probably would be in green folks. But because of Jaylen’s ascension in all NBA team level discussion has made him untouchable as Tatum. Which in the end is a good thing for the Celtics as now the team focus is getting pieces to compliment them for the long run in their tenures in Boston.

Given the win-now modes of Nets, Lakers, Clippers, and maybe the Bucks committing to a timeline of Brown and Tatum is more important than ever that they can be a contender in the now and emerge as the favorite or one of the legit favorites in a season or two. That is why it’s important that Ainge and the front office use the TPE right especially with the emergence of Jaylen Brown as coming potential all NBA candidate.

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