Jared Carrabis vs. White Sox Dave Last Night Was SOMETHING

So last night, I was looking for some entertainment. The Patriots were coming off of  a loss. The Celtics/Bruins were off and the Red Sox have been relatively quiet this off-season. But then, I came upon this on Twitter.

So Barstool had their annual December telethon to have Stoolies buying merchandise. They always do some sort of crazy stunt with these telethons. One year, Dave Portnoy was literally buried. Last year, Ben Friedman AKA “Young Pageviews” was shot with a paintball gun. One shot even almost hit Adam “Smitty” Smith hit in the head. This year, there was a pitch-off. Jared Carrabis, AKA The Saugus Rocket, was squaring off against Dave Williams, AKA White Sox Dave, in a pitching contest. This was an interesting concept. Carrabis is the main baseball writer for Barstool while White Sox Dave takes care of the Chicago White Sox. They both claim to have very good arms, so this was a great contest.

The Contest Rules

The contest rules were quite simple. Every $10,000, White Sox Dave threw a pitch into the pitching monitor. It’s one of those monitors that you might see at a baseball game to see how hard you can throw a baseball. Anyways, back to the main story. For every $40,000, Jared got one pitch at the end of the stream to try and beat White Sox Dave’s average speed per pitch. The company made over $200,000. So quick math, Dave threw 20 pitches while Jared threw five. For every pitch Jared beat Dave’s average speed by, it would knock Dave down a level in his travels back home.

From best option to worst option, Dave’s travel options were as follows: 85 MPH and up Private Jet, 80-84 First Class, 75-79 Coach, 70-74 Spirit, 65-69 Train, 60-64 Bus, 59 and Below Uber every 20 miles.

White Sox Dave Shining

Dave really impressed me in this contest. He claims to have been a good receiving and throwing catcher playing at the division three level in college. As a former DIII baseball player myself, I’ve seen my fair share of good arms. White Sox Dave pleasantly surprised me and probably thousands of Stoolies with his performance.

Dave’s average speed was around 77 miles per hour. He hyped up the event and showed up in a BIG way last night.

Jared Carrabis Laying An Egg

YIKES Jared! I’m on the record as saying that I’m a HUGE Carrabis fan. He is such a nice and genuine person. He has come on my podcasts. Also, he usually gets right back to me via text message whenever I have a question or just want to say hi. So I think I can say that I was genuinely disappointed to see Jared only hit low 70’s. Now, Jared would beat me in a contest like this because I have a noodle arm and fully embrace it. But in this type of competition, I was so surprised to see him not hit at least 75-76. He even had warm-up pitches to get ready when Dave didn’t! It was a tough night got Carrabis, but I’m sure he will bounce back in a big way!

In Conclusion

What a great win for Barstool. It was an event that I loved and couldn’t turn off. They raised a ton of money for their merchandise sales. White Sox Dave didn’t mess up and actually has a documented win in his full-time Barstool tenure. Jared is still on top of his game as far as writing and podcasting are concerned. Keep the good entertainment coming!

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-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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