James Dolan Would Consider Selling The Knicks For How Much?

James Dolan is undeniably one of the worst owners in the NBA. Knicks fans are rejoicing at even the possibility of him selling the team.

Since Dolan took over in 1999 the Knicks have 1 (one) division title. The Knicks fanbase collectively wants him dead, so now is as good a time as any to cash out.

$5 Billion is a lot of money. I don’t mean to startle you with that news, but 5 billion dollars is a significant amount of dollars.

That being said, you’re telling me there’s not a single billionaire who wants to own the Knicks? Jeff Bezos doesn’t feel like dipping his toe into a little round ball? Just hire a bunch of people who know about basketball and don’t even think about it. Zuckerberg and Elon Musk can’t just goes halves and made every team decision through super computers?

The possibilities are endless with owning a team. You could move the team to Montana and convert a large barn into an arena for your 23 fans. You could build a team of exclusively guys named Gregg. It wouldn’t be a good team, by any means, but you could do it.

Hopefully Dolan gives it up so the Knicks can go back to potentially being a competent team again. It’s always weird when big market teams like the Knicks or the Giants or the Yankees just can’t be good at all ever. Really tough.

-Riley Banks (@rileybanks10)

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