Jake Paul Knocks Out Ben Askren

Jake “The Problem Child” Paul knocked out Ben Askren last night. It did have some controversy behind it though. Paul knocked down Askren and then Askren came back onto his feet. The ref asked if Askren was good and Askren stumbled into the refs arms. Immediately after that happened the fight was stopped. Jake Paul has a first round knockout over a former UFC fighter, and people are starting to think it was rigged. The word rigged was trending on twitter last night after the fight. Here are some reactions to last night’s main event fight.



So I will say this, no matter if you support Jake Paul or not you have to give him the respect he deserves. He has put some serious time into his craft to become a professional boxer. I hate to say it, but I got a text this morning saying this and I agree with this 100 percent. The text stated “people have to get over it and admit that Jake Paul is an ELITE amateur boxer.” I agree with this statement that was texted to me this morning. He isn’t the same fighter that he was the first time he put on the gloves. Jake Paul has perfected his craft and I think he has a chance to have a legitimate fight with a professional boxer in the near future and has a realistic chance of winning said fight.


What’s Next For Jake Paul

Obviously we have seen some fighters on twitter that said that they would like to fight Jake Paul next. Here are some of the fighters that tweeted at Jake Paul last night.

Jake Paul embarrassed the MMA community last night after knocking out Ben Askren in the first round. Obviously there are UFC fighters that would love to fight Jake Paul, but I think we need him to fight an actual boxer next time around to be honest. I have two names that I think would be ideal for Jake Paul’s next fight.



This would be the biggest Youtube event in the history of Youtube boxing. Both are labeled as professional fighters and are undefeated. Also KSI beat Jake’s brother Logan in their mega fight back in 2019. These two were suppose to fight in 2020, but then the pandemic became a thing. With people seeing how good Jake Paul is at this very moment. All KSI fans will want him to shut Jake Paul up once and for all. I don’t know if Jake Paul has moved on from the potential of fighting KSI. This fight would have so many pay-per-view buys and both sides could create a lot of revenue from this Mega-Fight.


Tommy Fury: 

This would absolutely be a must watch fight if this were to happen. Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy has been great so far in his young professional career. Imagine the revenue this fight could get if this is Paul’s next fight. This is the best match for Jake Paul when it comes to professional boxers in my opinion. Having these two on the same card as Tyson Fury and Michael Hunter would be unbelievable. I think this is the most likely to happen out of the two names that I have mentioned for two reasons. The first reason is KSI being able to travel from the UK to the United States is not a possibility at this very moment. Second reason is that Paul might want to silence the doubters once and for all and beat a professional boxer like Tommy Fury.


Final Thought: 

I am not the biggest Jake Paul fan, but I respect him for what he has done in the ring. I understand who he has knocked out, but if you looked at how he looks in that ring when he is in there. You would have the same thoughts as I do and that is holy shit this kid is a professional boxer. He learned from one of the best, and the doubters need to stop hating on him because of his personality. We need Jake Paul in the ring again with a big named professional boxer. I am scared that we will see Jake Paul and Connor McGregor next, but I hope we see his opponents be either KSI or Tommy Fury.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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