Jack Grealish Is Officially A Manchester City Player

There were rumors going around for weeks that Jack Grealish to Manchester City were as good as done. I personally didn’t believe it, but after the physical and the introduction today it is happening. Jack Grealish is officially a member of Manchester City and will be a immediate threat for them this season. What does this move mean for Manchester City? Well I am going to give you my thoughts on what this means for Manchester City. With that being said here are my thoughts on Manchester City now with Jack Grealish on their squad.


Dominance Within The Forward Position

Jack Grealish is adding on to an already talented group of forwards that Manchester City has. Here are some names that Grealish are playing with now. Gabriel Jesus, Ferran Torres, Riyad Mahrez, Raheem Sterling just to name the forwards. Now we add him potentially to the talent in the midfield like De Bruyne, Gundogan, Foden etc. This team will be the team that scores the most goals in the premier league in my honest opinion. There aren’t a plethora of changes within the Manchester City team, but they did lose Sergio Aguero to Barcelona. Other than that they still have the same core that has helped them win three out of the last four EPL titles. Jack Grealish just adds on to the talent that this group already has.


Any Players On The Move Now?

The one big name that will probably be on the move now from Manchester City is none other than Portuguese forward/midfielder Bernardo Silva. Now with the arrival of Jack Grealish, the departure of Bernardo Silva is inevitable. He is already linked to Atletico Madrid which I think would be a fantastic spot for the 26 year old to land at. Manchester City can easily get around 60 million euros for Silva, and I think if you are Atletico that is a price that you want to pay.

Now with the turnover that we have seen in La Liga and the way that Diego Simeone has this team positioned, I think acquiring Silva helps them tremendously in their effort to repeat as La Liga Champions for the first time since they did it in 1950 & 1951. Look for Silva to be the name on the move for sure. Riyad Mahrez or Gabriel Jesus would be the other name to go if they were to move on from one of those after Silva. I don’t believe that either Mahrez or Jesus will be leaving the club, but Silva for sure is.


What Is The Ceiling For Manchester City?

I think they were already in a good position to contend for their fourth title in five years in the EPL. Now with the move of acquiring Grealish, I would think their chance of winning the Champions League finally would be a sight that could happen. Manchester City fans have a lot of exciting futbol to watch this season. It will be interesting how this team does adding Grealish into the mix chemistry wise. One thing to add to it is that he will now be playing with Raheem Sterling and Phil Foden who he played with at the Euros this summer. So watch out for Manchester City as they are poised for another big year in European competition.


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-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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