It’s WILD How Many Raptors Fans Are Falling For Barstool’s Kevin Durant Injury Video

If you’re reading this blog, you already know about the Kevin Durant injury at this point. Durant clearly returned early from his initial injury that was holding him out of the NBA Finals, and boom boom pow–shoutout to the Black Eyed Peas–his Achilles explodes. You know what? Let’s watch the video.

I don’t know what goes on inside of a leg when this happens, but I’d imagine it’s like if a Fruit Roll-Up was spring loaded and wrapped back up. Whatever the case is, it looks wildly painful and for a guy who was about to go and become the hottest free-agent of the summer, this is devastating.

But with this injury came the controversy. Raptors fans cheered when Durant had to be taken out of the game due to the injury which sparked some real outrage, and plenty of fake outrage. So, classic, Barstool went and edited a video–that we’ve seen 1,000 times–and made it look like a bar filled with Raptors fans lost their minds when the Achilles tore.

If you’ve logged onto the internet in the past year, you know what this is. A bar in England going bananas over a goal. But it’s laugh out loud funny that there are people so rattled at this video that they have to tell us all that it’s fake.


This guy was PISSED. How dare you slander Toronto fans like this and make it look like that they were happy that KD went down–which they were–with an injury that could potentially hinder the remainder of career! Blasphemy!

The best part about this reply? It was in response to Dave Portnoy himself baiting these people in.

Don’t worry though because if you needed more people jumping down Portnoy’s throat, this guy literally took the time to take the image and explain why the video was edited and made to look the way that it did (which you can also see above).

Congrats my man! You cracked the case!

This is utterly unbelievable. Imagine seeing this, going through the thought process that you can outline for people why this is fake because clearly, the world was under the impression that it was real, and then taking the time to actually draw all of this out? I don’t care if it took him three minutes. Any amount of time wasted on this is insane.

The best part is that there are so many more tweets like these pointing out how fake it is.

The internet beat a bunch of people new to the internet over the past 24 hours. Welcome to 2019, guys.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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