It’s Happening… LaVar Ball & Family Are Getting Their Own Reality TV Show

I almost want to start this off the same exact way as I did when talking about the Ball’s appearance on WWE Monday Night RAW. Is LaVar Ball and his superstar offspring getting their own reality TV show really a surprise?

Again, it is one of those things that you don’t think about, but then once you catch wind that this project is in the works there is no shock value. With LaVar, how can you still be shocked by any move this guy makes at this point?

According to Deadline, the Facebook produced reality TV show is currently unnamed and will be a docuseries covering the lives of the Ball brothers and family.

From what I’ve been reading, Facebook is really trying to move their way into the TV and production game, and this could be their first monstrous step in the right direction. Because as much as most people say they can’t stand LaVar, they also click on a story the second they see his name because 10 out of 10 times the story involves LaVar doing something absolutely bananas.

And is there anybody more entertaining in sports right now than LaVar? I mean hell, the Kardashian show is a SMASH. And I think a show featuring LaVar Ball will be a trillion times more entertaining. High key hate the Kardashians.

But this is just an incredible story. This is why I’ve altered my tune when discussing the captivating man that is LaVar Ball. Since he came speeding onto the scene doing 150MPH like Big Ballers do, I couldn’t stand him. I was praying for Lonzo to fail miserably. But my attitude changed the moment he was interviewed during the NBA draft. I love it. He’s insane and I can’t get enough.

Plus I respect the hell out of this man right now. He has turned his family into household names. We now know exactly who this guy and his three sons are. Publicity to the max. You need to absolutely respect that.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)


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