Is The Giants Trade Offer for Stanton Serious?

A report came out that both the St. Louis Cardinals and San Fransisco Giants have made formal offers to the Miami Marlins for Stanton. Not shocked. Think both teams are desperately in need for a legit power threat to help them get back into legit title contention.

What I am shocked about, if true, is what the reported offer from the Giants included or the lack of what it included. The Giants asked for both Stanton AND Dee Gordon in return for second baseman Joe Panik, minor league pitcher Tyler Beede and minor league outfielder Chris Shaw.

Ok so let me just get this straight, the Giants thought that getting a guy that hit 59 home runs this year and another guy that has stolen 60 bases and plays solid defensively for an Ok MLB second baseman and a couple minor leaguers was a fair trade? That is unbelievable!

There is no way the Marlins actually took this serious right? Well what the heck if im Dombrowski I’m getting the Marlins on the phone right now and 100% trying to capitalize on the lack of common sense that is going on in the Marlins front office right now.

Personally, I already think that the Red Sox should just eat all of the remaining contract and throw in a couple other smaller pieces and just see the response back. Either way again the Marlins will not be able to dump the money AND get highly talented prospects back. It is just not going to happen, it will be one or the other and that’s why I think the Sox should just take all his contract. Ya it is huge and risky but for the next 5-7 years it will be worth it for the numbers he will put up plus the ability to put him in that DH permitly.

This is getting interesting and just more exciting as the days and weeks go by and cant wait to see where Stanton ends up, if he gets moved at all.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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