Is Nick Mullens Actually Good?

I’m not gonna beat around the bush you guys, I don’t think this Mullens kid is actually any good.

Don’t get me wrong, he had a fantastic NFL debut last night. I wasn’t tuned in obviously, because the idea of Raiders vs. 49ers literally made me want to throw up in my mouth, but I caught the highlights, and I’m not sold. A lot of his yardage came on run after the catch, meaning his wide receivers were doing most of his job for him. I also don’t think I saw him make any crazy throws downfield. Most of what he did last night was either check downs or a wide-open 15-yard bootlegs. So what does this mean? To put it as nice as possible, the Oakland Raiders are a garbage franchise.

How do you get absolutely torched by an un-drafted third-string quarterback with next to nobody for pass-catchers? I get they might be tanking, but last night was just embarrassing. No player on their roster should take Jon Gruden seriously after that. I’d say that they have a chance to turn it around, given the fact that they hold 3 first rounders next year, but I’m not confident he’s gonna use them correctly. He deserves to be fired, and Mark Davis should be banned from the state of California for giving him that 10-year contract. I bet he doesn’t even see year 3 of the deal. What a disgrace of a franchise.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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