Is it Time to Stop Labeling Benedict Arnold As History’s Biggest Traitor And Give That Title to John Cena?

I did my digging. Last year John Cena held an interview with Sports Illustrated where within seconds of the video’s start, Cena, who is from West Newbury, Massachusetts, says that he is a “proxy Patriots guy”. This interview was held before the 2017 Super Bowl in anticipation for the massive clash between the Patriots and the Falcons.

And now we have this jamoke coming in hot in Philly singing the signature Eagles fight song, “Fly Eagles Fly”? Give me a break.

Listen, I’m not sure if this is an overreaction, but I think Cena should be erased from all Massachusetts official records. I want whatever high school he went to to delete his name out of the system and act like he never attended the school. I want whatever wrestling program that Cena won awards for — I don’t know if this happened or not– but if it did I want Cena’s name stripped from any trophies it might be on.

This is LUDICROUS. There are times where I say things and then think back on it and go, well if I were in their position maybe I would have done the same thing. I don’t care if it’s showmanship. I don’t care if he was just trying to win over the crowd. Mere days before the Super Bowl and he pulls THIS? He’s no longer a Massachusetts native. WWE, get that off of his title. Make him apart of Philly.

Philly. God damn Philly. You want to relate with those trash bags? Keep him.

This pains me to do it, but Cena buddy you need to understand that it’s just business. You’re either with us or against us here. And you my friend, just turned your back on us.

At least the Patriot rebels won the war when Benedict Arnold swapped sides. He was just trying to stay alive. But Cena, you basically mooned us on your way out the door.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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