It Is Time To Pay Attention To Cam Thomas

By points per game, the best freshman scoring player in the NCAA is not a stud like Jalen Suggs or versatile big like Evan Mobley.

In fact, the guard who leads all freshman in scoring, isn’t even a top 20 recruit.

However, he is shooting up draft boards in many circles.

Meet Cameron Thomas.

(Non) Humble Beginnings

Cam Thomas is not some 3 star recruit who went off and lead scoring in a mid major. Although, that can happen.

While Cameron was not amongst the highest of highly touted recruits, he does sit #22 in ESPNs rankings.

He also is the all time scoring leader at a small school you may have heard of called Oak Hill Academy.

He has always been a top prospect, to be sure, but was never in the Cade Cunningham ballpark.

Also, he is the ALL TIME leader in scoring for Oak Hill. With such graduates as Carmelo Anthony, Josh Smith, and Jerry Stackhouse, this is no small feat.

Wait shoot, I forgot, that list also includes Brandon Jennings, Cole Anthony, and one Kevin Durant.

Anyways, yea, we know he can score more in a high school career than any of those guys, Stephen Jackson, Rajon Rondo, and even more NBA stars.

College Play

In high school the man was a walking bucket.

This attribute remains.

Dragging LSU into respectability in a way Ben Simmons never could, Thomas is averaging 23 points per game this season.

While his 3 point percentage sits at 30% right now, he is shooting 88% from the free throw line and has a smooth stroke. Imagine if the small sample size corrects itself and those start going in.

He also does not turn the ball over much and has a knack for making a play when nothing is there.

He is a leading scorer in the 3rd best league in the world at 18. Not bad.

NBA Prospect

Well, currently he is absolutely a first rounder. He is most likely a top 15 pick.

However, that will continue to rise as he flexes his solid athleticism, continues to show he has a good shot (despite the % from 3), and can be a lead scorer.

With a supporting cast around him, more lanes can open up to the hoop and more open shots will be there for him.

Right now defenses are fully keyed in on him and he can still make shots; a good sign.

He has decent size at 6′ 4″ and 210 lbs. and good length. He moves well and uses his athleticism to stay in front of his man.

He has potential here as a good defender and scorer in the NBA, and 2 way potential with a guy who can create his own shot?

Might be time to start paying attention.

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