Is Fantasy Football still fun?

Football has been great all year. People assumed with no offseason there would be some rust, but overall the play has shown none of the sort. A lot of good teams are still good and it feels average teams are getting better. Raiders upsetting the Cheifs, Browns 4-1, and Josh Allen leading the way for the Bills. (Shout out SSBT.) The league is progressing and getting more interesting every year. Fantasy, however, just hasn’t felt the same.

PPD Games

I know this is probably how everyone feels, but I feel this way regardless of COVID. Realistcally, there hasn’t been that many games postponed to even say it’s affected to much of fantasy. You could argue that this makes fantasy more fun. You have to really be the “GM” of a team, right? You may have to go deep into waivers to find some people to fill in. Or you have to plan ahead because of how your waivers are set up. As far as fantasy goes, it’s way more than any year prior. I’m sure some people are having fun. Unless your league has disagreements on how to handle the games. I’m in one league where we treat it like an injury. Which, like I said, there hasn’t been that many games postponed so it works out. However, as we get deeper in the season there’s going to be more games canceled and it will get tougher. I think it’s inevitable.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, coming off two bad weeks after blowing the doors off the entire league. Still, this was completely unbiased. I also think it’s me getting more into just betting games than wanting to pay attention to my teams. Here’s a little tip while were on the subject: If the Seahawks are down at the half, bet them to win the game. Russell Wilson is on a mission this year. Anyway, fantasy, not that fun. Unless, I go on an absolute heater then I’l be back.

-Mike (@amikewithamic_)

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