Is Danny Ainge Losing His Grip in Boston?

Who would have thought on June 17th, 2008 that the Boston Celtics would be hoisting the NBA Championship? Maybe Danny Ainge? Trading for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen before the season, Ainge had a plan. To go from a 24 win team, to gold. How you may ask? To go all in while leaving nothing on the table. Fast forward to 2020, and the man with a label of a “hero” to the Celtics organization is now having fans question: Is Ainge Losing it?

Is he a mastermind with a big plan? Or is he losing it?

Is He Breaking Down?

Danny Ainge has been managing the Celtics since 2003. He earned the nickname “Trader Danny”
from fans and staff after trading popular players. One of which was trading Antoine Walker to the Dallas Mavericks. He’s had conflicts with Jim O’Brien, who was the head coach of the Celtics at the time. He is known for these moments, is it happening again?

Danny Ainge and Celtics great Red Auerbach

With the 2020 NBA Draft, Ainge drafted Aaron Nesmith, a small forward from Vanderbilt and Payton Pritchard, a point guard from Oregon. Was that the best move? Some say Ainge should have attempted to trade up and get better draft selection. Others say Danny could’ve made better moves with the draft.

Add the handling of Gordon Hayward opting out of his contract, signing his 4 year $120 million deal with the Charlotte Hornets. Fans and sports writers are wondering how far in was the trade to Indiana? What made it fall apart? Was Ainge asking too much?

Toph’s Final Word

Ainge is far from the GM he was in 2008 acquiring players to win a championship. He’s lacking that drive and motivation. Yes I do give him credit moving Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnet to the Nets for players and draft picks. There has to be more. Only thing I’ve seen Ainge do lately is squander pics and watch talent walk out the door. Aside from Hayward, there was Al Horford, and even Kyrie Irving. Who else will walk with Ainge there?

Yeah there’s been some good moments. Drafting Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum along with signing players Kemba Walker  and now Jeff Teague. Will Boston win another championship? Is Ainge lost in the shuffle with team needs? There needs to be better control. Meanwhile players that can help are going to other teams. Why? What is Boston doing to make up for those players?

President Danny Ainge talking with star Jayson Tatum

In addition to the slip ups, Ainge isn’t getting it done. Maybe there should be a change in leadership in Boston. Maybe Ainge should take a step back. What would that change though? Would that give Brad Stevens more control of his team? Would that cause a rift with the current team and issues on the court? As much as I enjoy Ainge at the helm I do agree with the Boston fan base. A change does need to happen. If not now..when?

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One thought on “Is Danny Ainge Losing His Grip in Boston?

  • November 26, 2020 at 11:36 pm

    Fire him yesterday


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