Imagine Taking A Half-Court Shot for Free Tuition, Sinking It and Not Giving a Damn Like This Oklahoma Student?

This kid at the University of Oklahoma had one of the most sociopathic reactions imaginable after drilling a half-court shot for free tuition.

I mean, are we going to be honest here for a minute? In the grand scheme of things, tuition is nothing when it comes to your college bill. Would it have been nice if I somehow grabbed a scholarship so I didn’t have to pay it? Yeah, great, excellent. But tuition is pennies. Dirt.

But here, you gotta give something. Generate some kind of excitement and just get the juices of the crowd going a bit. Everyone’s hyped up that a kid drilled this and at least got some kind of compensation for it and his brain turned into soup. He put it in a blender and if you tipped his head, it would have come out of his ears.

And I’m not saying he’s nuts… But he might be. Listen, if I hit that shot and got no money I’d be celebrating.

But honestly, maybe we’re looking at this whole thing wrong. What if he does this on the regular and the glory’s worn off? What if he does this at every college and he’s just tacking on the money to his account? Just another day at the office for this dude. Don’t high five him, he doesn’t need it. He’s rolling in half-court contest money.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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