Imagine if Tyreek Hill was on the Patriots

The NFL came down with a ruling in regards to Kansas City’s star Wide-Receiver, Tyreek Hill, who was being investigated for child abuse. They decided that there was not enough evidence to suspend him and now will be on the field for the Chiefs week one.

Hill has denied allegations towards abusing his child and has believed that he would not be guilty of any wrongdoing. If he was found guilty than I would want him not in the league. If he was to be found not guilty, then he deserves to be on that field.

However, I can only imagine if Hill was on the Patriots.  He would have been suspended for four games and wouldn’t be surprised if the league took a first-round draft pick.

Even if he wasn’t proven guilty, the league always does whatever it takes to try and disrupt the Patriots. Yes, I’m sounding very bias, absolutely.  I say this because it just always seems that whenever the Patriots are in the news for any negative reason, the league takes the liberty to hand down some type of punishment.

Either way, it was just a thought that came through my mind as I heard the news about Tyreek Hill. Maybe the league could have given Tyreek Hill some type of disciplinary action. Two games without pay while the investigation is still on-going? Okay, maybe not…

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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