I’m Baffled By How Much This Girl Looks Like Trevor Lawrence In Her Viral Video

This girl’s video is going around Twitter of her basically looking identical to Clemson stud Trevor Lawrence and I’m shook. What are we looking at here? How is this not his sister?

They’re the same person and this girl’s mom is probably rattled over the prospect of this being out there. We’ve found Trevor Lawrence’s long lost sister which means she’s got some MAJOR explaining to do when she gets home. She’s been exposed. Bamboozled. Caught red-handed over this Tik Tok trend.

Which by the way, I don’t understand at all. I downloaded Tik Tok for maybe a day because I was told it was basically Vine and Vine is the GOAT app. No better content came from anywhere else. Vine had it all. But what the hell? Are people supposed to enjoy the app? I’ve never wanted to die for people more than the ones I saw on Tik Tok.

Anyway, this girl and Trevor Lawrence need to have a child solely because it would just be a third Lawrence look-a-like. It helps that he has long, luscious, flawless locks. If he cut his hair it might not work as well but this is unreal.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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