If You Still Have Doubts About Jarrett Stidham, Gus Halzahn Has You Covered!

Listen, I’m sick and tired of hearing about the uncertainty with Patriots quarterback Jarrett Stidham. He’s not Tom Brady, I understand that. But really, c’mon people, nobody else is either! We’re calling for the Patriots to potentially sign a guy like Andy Dalton? That’s off the table now.

Cam Newton? He remains a possibility. But trust me when I say this, Jarrett Stidham is going to be good with the Patriots. Don’t believe me? Just ask his college coach, Gus Malzahn, of Auburn University.

Malzahn thinks the moment won’t be too big for Stidham, and here’s why all of you should be listening.

They Played in the SEC

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Jarrett Stidham didn’t play at a small end D-I school. He played at Auburn University and in the SEC. The SEC is arguably the best football conference in all of D-I. When you’re playing against teams like Alabama, Ole’ Miss, Georgia, LSU, and Florida; you’re playing against the best schools in the country. Stidham has been battle tested before. He’s ready to get into the fire that is the NFL.

Malzahn Said It Himself: The Pats System Works Well for Stidham

The head coach came right out and said it. This system and structure will work wonders for the second year quarterback out of Auburn. What more do you really need here? Malzahn has a career head coaching record of 62-31. Yes, his bowl game record isn’t great (2-5, YIKES!), but that’s beside the point. This isn’t your typical sports fan that might think they know everything. We have a high end D-I football coach saying it. If that’s not enough, here’s one more thing to consider.

Stidham Studied Under Tom Brady for a Whole Season

The headline says it all. Stidham studied under Brady for all of 2019. You think he hasn’t picked anything up from that time? Malzahn isn’t stupid, he knows Stidham was studying his tail off. When you’re in the same room as Tom Brady, you listen carefully. You don’t want to miss something that can cost you a game later in the season or in your career.

In Conclusion

This should help ease the nerves of some Patriots fans. I get that there might be some bias because Stidham played under Malzahn. But guess what? If Stidham stunk, then his former head coach probably wouldn’t be saying these things. Remember, Tom Brady was 199 overall and the rest is history. Give the kid a real chance before we all write him off. Still need convincing? Here’s some highlights from a win in 2017 against Alabama, who was the number one team in the country at the time.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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