I Would Hate To Be Carson Wentz Right Now

There isn’t a NFL player I wouldn’t want to be right now, except for maybe Cam Newton and Carson Wentz.  More so Wentz because Newton already lost his job and his having trouble finding a new one.  However with Wentz, he 100% cannot be cool with the Eagles drafting QB Jalen Hurts early in the second round.  Eagles GM, Howie Roseman, said something along the lines of “lets make Philadelphia a QB factory and that Hurts will be used in specific sets.”

I don’t know about you but that sure sounds like someone who is gearing up to take your job.  I could understand if the Eagles were like “we needed a back up and Hurts is a hell of a player.”  But they didn’t say that.  Instead they drafted him when they didn’t really need a QB to start with.  I think Wentz is a good player, when healthy.  I think the Eagles could have went with a few WR for him or even a few d/o-line players for a comfortable pick.  Instead, they chose a headliner. It’s not a bad pick, but it’s one that’s definitely creating a lot of buzz.

So with that being said, if you’re Wentz how do you approach this season?  You haven’t been the same since your injury and now you have a legitimate threat breathing down your neck.  I think he knows that one more injury and Hurts plays like he did in college, then say bye to your starting job.  Who knows, this might have been the plan for the Eagles all along.  Draft someone who can replace Wentz tomorrow if he goes down and just move forward.

-John (@Uncle_Mac4)

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